Thursday, 27 March 2014

BBC School Report Day March 2014.

Here are some pictures of the team at the end of the day - they all did extremley well and should be pleased with their news pieces!

As we come to the end of the day here are some of the students' thoughts on how the day panned out:

"I thought the day was fun and I learnt what it is like to work in the media. I enjoyed working with the cameras and I know more about editing now. The day was successful and it was good to experience the jobs of a news team." - Jess (Year 9)

"It was a fun and enjoyable day and I hope to do it again. I thank the teachers for setting this up and Jasmine for giving us some valuable advice." - Aumer (Year 9)

"It was a good experience to be on the other side of the BBC School report - instead of creating stuff we were helping out and it was a great opportunity to be able to work with the Year 9s, offering them our support and skills." - Leloo (Year 10)

"I think that it was an awesome day because we got to learn how to use the cameras and learn how BBC reporters actually film and edit. It was a nice experience overall and I hope to do something like this again in the future." - Lourdes (Year 9)

"I  think that it was a good opportunity to see what happens behind the cameras. We learnt a lot about using the cameras and how they work and editing software - this was a very good experience." - Faduma (Year 10)


Students are now watching their footage back and trying to select the best shots taken before beginning the editing process. There are lots of interesting shots to choose from!

It's almost time for lunch and the news room is buzzing!  Students are busy uploading their footage in to final cut and redrafting their scripts.  Thanks Mr Sleeth!

Time is ticking on!  Almost break time.  The teams must be ready to go out and film their vox pops.

It's 9.30 and the stories have been chosen.The teams are now hard at work researching the back ground to their stories.  They must plan their stories and be ready to go out and film their vox pops by 10.25.  The pressure is on.

Our mentors for the day - Jasmine Coleman from the BBC and Year 10 'old hands' Olivia, Faduma, Leloo and Shane!

It's 8.30 am the day has begun with a delicious sugary snack to give everyone bags of energy!